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 We like to use PHP / MySQL on our web sites, but Our experience includes: * Operating systems: UNIX, Linux, VMS, Windows NT/2000, DOS. * Programming languages: Oracle PL/SQL, JavaScript, HTML, JSP, Visual Basic, COBOL, Transact SQL. * Databases: Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server, Access, ODBC, JDBC, DBMS. * Applications: Java Beans/JSP, stored procedures, GUI, executive reporting systems. * Tools: ISQL, SQLPlus, TOAD, Embarcadero, Weblogic, Jakarta Tomcat, vi, Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, Cygwin, Korn shell, Bash, MKS. * Database: relational tables having multiple dependencies; indices, triggers, and stored procedures; schemas and optimization techniques; large corporate databases. * Certifications: LPI (Linux professional institute), Network+. Chamtech wants the best web experience for our clients and users. * Enforce the rules of web standards. * Keep download times low and prevent user frustration. * Strengthen my client's web presence. * And much more.